This project was created with the aim of utilizing the online application as a teaching and learning tool across various disciplines that are seeking to bring awareness of diversity through community placed-based education utilizing the built environment of campus. Depending on the specific discipline, the following learning objectives may be implemented when utilizing this tool in the classroom:

  • Improve understanding the complex history of race relations, diversity, and settler colonialism on UO campus as it relates to the state of Oregon and larger Lane County community.

  • Critically engage essential questions, issues, and themes of race, ethnicity, gender, and settler colonial history.

  • Develop an understanding of the concept, practice, and ethics of decolonizing methodology and social justice.

  • Increase awareness of and gain a sense of empathy for diverse historical actors, especially regarding racial identity, voice, and representation in the built environment to decolonize the overall university landscape.

  • Introduced student to using primary sources in various mediums. This moves the student beyond the passive memorization and recitation of content by immersing students in critical and original theory. Student explore concepts of causation, agency, memory, authenticity, bias, perspective, voice, subjectivity, and context.

Additional resources will be continually added to this site for use by faculty and staff.